Post Covid-19 Travel Tips for Tourist in India

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Post Covid-19 Travel Tips for Tourist in India

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the entire travel industry to a halt. Travelers who wanted to travel around the world in mid-2020 or late 2020 are now at home. Everyone is considering whether or not the airlines resume flights to their dream destinations. And travelers consider whether or not to go to their wish list. India witnesses millions of travelers from different Indian states and abroad every year. Let’s see how the experts predict the situation in India after the Corona virus pandemic is over.

More Domestic traveler as compared to International

The world will see travel as an activity to be done only when needed and only to nearby destinations so that they can return home in an emergency. Indian travelers will delay their trip abroad until 2021 or a little later. Likewise, international tourists only come to India when necessary. India will attract more domestic travelers than international tourists, which means that the travel industry will gradually resume its activities. It takes six months to two years for travelers to resume operations after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Choose Hotels Wisely

After 2020, travelers will choose their hotels differently, preferring their safety and hygiene. If you want to book a hotel for 2021, you need to search for the guidelines for social distance, hotel disinfection and room disinfection and try to find hotels that offer minimal contact points. You may also want to book a hotel that is remote in the forest rather than the hotel in a crowded city. On the other hand, you may also want to book a hotel in the city, but it does offer health security measures so you don’t have to travel to tourist attractions every day. Travelers now choose home stay option as compared to crowded hotels.

Transportation will be different

Public transportation will be the last preference for tourists as they do not want to be exposed to the Corona virus. You can either hire a taxi in the metropolis or in small towns, or use a self drive car rental to be able to drive independently without getting in touch with someone you do not know. Taxi drivers make sure to keep their distance from all passengers and only carry two or three passengers in the back seat. Car rental companies guarantee that they will sanitize car before delivering it to the customer.

Until the Corona vaccine is discovered and made available for general use, travelers are unlikely to travel too often. The global economy is certainly affected by this pandemic, but we are all together and will learn to live with the presence of the Corona virus around us. However, we must positively judge our existence and be tough from the inside to deal with this situation.


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