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Moga is a city in the Indian state of Punjab. Moga was named after Moga Singh Gill, a prominent person of the Gill community.It became part and headquarters of 17th District in the state, Moga district of Punjab state on 24 November 1995, by then Chief Minister of Punjab Harcharan Singh Brar. Before becoming a District, Moga was a part of Faridkot District as a Tehsil. Moga town is situated on the National Highway 95 (NH-95 Ferozpur-Ludhiana road). The area of Dharamkot block with 150 villages has been merged into Moga district, which falls under the jurisdiction of Ferozpur division.

Self Drive Car Rentals Moga

Punjab Self Drive Cars offers self drive car rental in Moga. Our car rental service has two collection hubs and over 50 delivery locations in Punjab. You can book a self-driving car only 24 hours before the trip. When you fill out our user friendly rental car booking form, register and provide your required ID and proof of address. Pick up your car from our large selection of hatchback, SUV and Sedan as well as rental cars in Moga.


Our lives will be forever enriched by the time we spend for ourselves. Start exploring new places, get away from the daily chores with a rental car of your choice, pack your bags and enjoy traveling by road. Hire our best cars in Moga, start your journey and sum up your experience.


Although we have many locations around the world, it is important not to empty your wallet, so choose the right car rental for Moga. Select what suits your budget and interests. Whether it’s shopping, adventure, shopping malls, restaurants, tours, amusement parks, garden, or car rental the way you want, driving self drive cars can never be ignored. Traveling in comfort is much more important than your destination. You don’t need your own car to enjoy your ride, while you can rent a car in Moga yourself. Car rental is available in abundance. Drive your best in and around Moga with the best car rental in Moga. We are one of the best car rental service providers on site with the brand Punjab Self Drive Cars, an organization based in Moga. We offer a good quality of rental service to customers, the satisfaction of our customers being our main objective.

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